April 29

#VerseLove Day 29, What a Poem Can Do

What a Poem Can Do

A poem cannot rewind time
nor can it repair fractures left unmended;
it cannot gloss over what causes us pain.

But, a poem can reveal new perspectives
cause us to inspect further
those things we love… or hate.

A poem can help us
find our breath,
a refreshed rhythm.

A poem offers us
the permission to
bare our soul to others

who share our pain
and our triumphs,
who hold space.

A poem is not a band aid
nor a panacea,
after all, it is but words.

Nonetheless, a poem
crafted honestly
has unmeasurable power.


April 25

#VerseLove Day 24, Found Annotations

This poem is derived from a small number of the annotations I have made in Brené Brown’s book Dare to Lead. At EPIClearners, we are doing a close read and conducting vulnerable conversations about how the concepts apply in teaching and learning environments.

get clear:
whose opinions of you
seek those who love you,
not despite your imperfections,
but because of them.
seek first to understand
then to be understood.
I am going down this path
same as, and with, you.
let us travel together,
build a map
of love, belonging, and joy

April 21

#VerseLove Day 21, When You Need a Break

Dairy Queen

hot, sticky evening air
sun lingering in the sky
breaking from lassitude

smallest in the stroller
another on his bike
you and i, daughter
chatting about all and nothing

wending the familiar path
to the spot a mile away

where all chose
their favorite
ice cream indulgence,
sat on the curb
to race the drips
to the final lick

the return trek home
as the sun slid to sleep

April 19

#VerseLove Day 19, How to Be

How to Be Truthful

know your own values
sit with them
try them on for size
validate them

don’t let others’
values replace your own

in every situation
respond with truth
(kindly offered)
even when
your view is unpopular

as time goes on
others will come
respectfully entreating
your counsel

trusting you will
speak honestly,
(always kindly)

April 17

#VerseLove Day 17, Choices We Make


Once upon a time…
the beginning to every great fairytale
once upon a time…
I was a solid corporate climber

middle management, respected
even admired by some
comfortable lifestyle
the world was my oyster

once upon a time…
I left that corporate world
to become a stay-at-home mom
by choice, with enthusiasm

once upon a time…
“what do you do [career]?”
“ummm, raise my children”
dead silence

once upon a time…
I lived the ego-diminishing
reality that no one
respected what I chose to do

once upon a time…
I was a mother to young children
who depended on me for everything
who thought I was all-knowing

once upon a time…
those children grew up
now live independent lives
my love and care undiminished

I hope my influence
is felt and appreciated,
that once upon a time…

was the right choice.

April 16

#VerseLove Day 16, Tankas

Today’s #verselove prompt was to write in a relaxed Tanka form created by Harryette Mullen in which the 31 syllables of traditional forms are broken into three variable-length lines.

volunteers gathered, shovels in hand
faced with a riotous tangle of lush flora
needing unwoven, prepared for rebirth

in a brief respite of blustery weather
the sun warmed them and blessed their work,
they set their tools down just as rain and wind returned

gathered round a rickety bare table
biting into scrumptious paper-wrapped sandwiches
they celebrated community