April 29

#VerseLove Day 29, What a Poem Can Do

What a Poem Can Do

A poem cannot rewind time
nor can it repair fractures left unmended;
it cannot gloss over what causes us pain.

But, a poem can reveal new perspectives
cause us to inspect further
those things we love… or hate.

A poem can help us
find our breath,
a refreshed rhythm.

A poem offers us
the permission to
bare our soul to others

who share our pain
and our triumphs,
who hold space.

A poem is not a band aid
nor a panacea,
after all, it is but words.

Nonetheless, a poem
crafted honestly
has unmeasurable power.


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2 thoughts on “#VerseLove Day 29, What a Poem Can Do

    1. inspirepassion (Post author)

      “Sticks and stones…?” or “The pen is mightier than the sword?”


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