September 3

Conversations through poetry #remix

I was touched by the reaction my #clmooc friend Sheri had to this post and to my poem of anguish, a plea for a change in our society’s approach to the events taking place. Sheri remixed my poem into this beautiful piece of art, both visual and poetic, which offers hope. My friend Kevin picked up the threads and wove them into yet another poem, furthering the tenor of hope.

My response to them and others in this conversation. Let’s continue this poem-versation!


Harvest is upon us,
hues saturate.
Rest is coming,
a time to reflect.

Anger, discontent
soften to conversation,
fertilize new thinking.
We hum, then sing
songs together.

We dream of renewed life,
envision new growth,
dare to share.

This fresh view ignites,
bursts into new song,
blending our voices of all colors.

Together, we plan for a new spring,
scattering seeds of peace,
renewing our promise
of vibrant life for all.