April 4

About Me

I am a co-founder and facilitator at #Meliora, a learning group for grade 6-12 students located in the western suburbs of Chicago. #Lifelonglearning is one of my deepest values, as is #mentoring others, especially adolescent youth. At Meliora, we use project-based learning (#PBL) to guide teens into deeper learning through the exploration of topics in the humanities. We #inspirepassion by amplifying student voice and by offering choice in how students demonstrate their evidence of learning.

I also provide PBL coaching services to public and private schools and teachers. I am a certified PBL teacher through the Buck Institute for Education, and stay abreast of best practices in PBL and in education through formal and informal learning, participation in a variety of social media groups,  and as a practitioner.

To find me:

 Charlene Doland

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