April 25

#VerseLove Day 24, Found Annotations

This poem is derived from a small number of the annotations I have made in Brené Brown’s book Dare to Lead. At EPIClearners, we are doing a close read and conducting vulnerable conversations about how the concepts apply in teaching and learning environments.

get clear:
whose opinions of you
seek those who love you,
not despite your imperfections,
but because of them.
seek first to understand
then to be understood.
I am going down this path
same as, and with, you.
let us travel together,
build a map
of love, belonging, and joy

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I am a process-focused leader who uses collaboration, authenticity, and mentoring as key skills to inspire passion among learners of all ages. Aggregate eclectic professional experiences have honed my ability to coach others in designing and implementing courses of study using inquiry-/project-based learning (PBL).

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