April 17

#VerseLove Day 17, Choices We Make


Once upon a time…
the beginning to every great fairytale
once upon a time…
I was a solid corporate climber

middle management, respected
even admired by some
comfortable lifestyle
the world was my oyster

once upon a time…
I left that corporate world
to become a stay-at-home mom
by choice, with enthusiasm

once upon a time…
“what do you do [career]?”
“ummm, raise my children”
dead silence

once upon a time…
I lived the ego-diminishing
reality that no one
respected what I chose to do

once upon a time…
I was a mother to young children
who depended on me for everything
who thought I was all-knowing

once upon a time…
those children grew up
now live independent lives
my love and care undiminished

I hope my influence
is felt and appreciated,
that once upon a time…

was the right choice.

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