March 13

#SOL22 #13

evarkaplan reminded me today of Book Dragon’s post about describing our creative process in no more than five words. I enjoyed thinking about this in a generalized sense.

Think, connect, synthesize, create, reflect.


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I am a process-focused leader who uses collaboration, authenticity, and mentoring as key skills to inspire passion among learners of all ages. Aggregate eclectic professional experiences have honed my ability to coach others in designing and implementing courses of study using inquiry-/project-based learning (PBL).

7 thoughts on “#SOL22 #13

  1. Terje

    I have enjoyed reading the different five word writing process slices. Yours added another good example. Reflection as part of the writing process is sometimes overlooked.

  2. Glenda Funk

    That’s a fantastic list. I think I’d include “risk” and “innovate” in my list describing my creative process.

  3. cvarsalona

    I really like this format and plan on trying it out. Your 5 words to explain your creative process is succinct and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


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