April 4

About Me

I am co-founder and an academic coach of Meliora, a learning group for grade 6-12 students, located in the western suburbs of Chicago. Lifelong learning is one of my deepest values, as is mentoring others, especially adolescent youth. At Meliora, we use PBL to guide teens into deeper learning through the exploration of topics in history and literature. I am a certified PBL teacher through the Buck Institute for Education (bie.org), and a recent participant in the Deeper Learning MOOC sponsored by deeper-learning.org.

In parallel with my work at Meliora, I have been raising and home educating my two sons. Throughout this process, I have tried, and rejected, a great deal of curricula. Regardless of other approaches I tried, I was always drawn back to a theme-based approach, and undertook many student-directed multi-disciplinary units.

In 2009, I also completed a college degree with a concentration in neurodevelopmental methodologies, and worked for a year as a neurodevelopmentalist. I am, therefore, cognizant and experienced in “brain-based” learning.

Prior to my forays into the world of education, I spent 18 years in information technology. For about half of that span, I was a project manager, including managing two multi-million dollar global projects . Many of the skills I developed in technology project management also apply to PBL in education.


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