March 6

#SOL22 #6

On this spectacularly beautiful early spring day, I started tackling some of the gardening cleanup, including pruning my one grape vine. I know nothing about growing grapes. I read through materials from the extension service, as well as other gardening guides, and also consulted several YouTube videos. I still have a very limited understanding, but the one point that was invariably emphasized is that each year 90% of the previous year’s growth needs to be removed. Multiple guides stated that the most common error home gardeners make is not pruning enough.

I flinched every time I cut through one of the canes, but understand the experts know what they are talking about. In the end, I will have better, more abundant fruit.

I also mused that it would be a good idea to apply this pruning to my life. I definitely am juggling too many responsibilities right now, and know it is not healthy long-term. I need to cut back to the essentials and let the rest go.


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4 thoughts on “#SOL22 #6

  1. Caroline H.

    Oof, what a great connection and metaphor. Pruning the old growth from our lives to make room for the new. I’m always a sucker for a gardening metaphor. Pruning tomatoes down to a few main stems with limited offshoots always feels counterintuitive and violent to me, but the plant.always flourishes after, yielding fantastic fruit. Let’s get pruning!

  2. Natasha

    What an important simile–I’ll bet there are a lot of us who could use that reminder! I love the specificity in the beginning, as you describe your pruning.

    1. inspirepassion (Post author)

      Thank you, Natasha. I needed reminded of pruning on at least a weekly basis! 🙂


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