March 4

#SOL22 #4

an anti-ode

reading the headlines

“people who die from this day forward”
“will die because of you”

“nuclear plant…seized by Russian forces”

“banned access to Twitter and Facebook”
“increasingly harsh crackdown on independent”
“and critical voices in Russia”

“has no water, heat or electricity”
“running out of food”

my broken heart splinters further
that a madman has the power
to trample on innocent lives


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I am a process-focused leader who uses collaboration, authenticity, and mentoring as key skills to inspire passion among learners of all ages. Aggregate eclectic professional experiences have honed my ability to coach others in designing and implementing courses of study using inquiry-/project-based learning (PBL).

7 thoughts on “#SOL22 #4

      1. inspirepassion (Post author)

        Terry, I totally agree, “Now Jesus don’t like killin’
        No matter what the reason’s for.” There have been many wars fought, theoretically on religious grounds (at least Putin isn’t claiming that!). As I cynically tell my students, wars are fought for: 1) access to natural resources; 2) control of territory; 3) ego. I think to Putin, 3) is his first motivation, followed by 1) – farmland.


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